Explore VR for your business

Virtual and Augmented Reality is the biggest thing to hit technology in the last few years. Like the smartphone 10 years ago, VR and AR is carving out a whole new sector for entertainment, applications and ways of working.

Google, HTC, Samsung, and many more of the biggest names in tech are creating ways to deliver compelling immersive products and experiences to consumers via the web.

Studio Zero is offering packaged Exploration days to help companies understand how Immersive web technologies can solve real problems and add value to their business.

  • Try out the latest VR equipment
  • Get key market insights
  • Generate business-specific use-cases and prototypes.

We work with you to adapt the session to focus on your business needs, and identify key areas of interest. We’ll handle venue hire and catering so you don’t have to.

We kick off with an introduction to the wide range of immersive hardware, experiences and products and as the ideas begin to flow, we guide the session to see where there may be opportunities for VR in your business.

We wrap up the day by exploring promising ideas, and structuring ways to take them forward.

After the event, we provide a curated presentation of all the materials captured on the day, and an exec summary for sponsors and stakeholders.

Why Studio Zero?

Studio Zero is (probably) the world’s first dedicated WebVR development studio. Our team has worked with some of the sharpest startups and biggest brands on the planet.

We know that cutting-edge technology alone doesn’t solve problems, and that customers experiences begin and end beyond the headset.

Our exploration days and discovery programmes aim to address real business issues and produce actionable insights you can use immediately.

To find out more, send us an email to [email protected] or call 07957 122 273

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