Virtual Reality Mechanism of Action


Nascent Medical wanted to explore a new way of constructing a typical Mechanism of Action explanation for their customers. It is usual for a CGI movie to be made, but these short videos couldn’t add the depth that a short VR experience could. Also, if a change needed to be made, then the movie would have to be rendered out again, re-uploaded and new links sent out.

Nascent were already familiar with VR in the world of medical education, but they were curious about the advantages of doing it via the web.

We set out to make a 2 minute demo of what could be achieved.


We got a short script for a basic mechanism of action for PARP and worked with Nascent to understand the visuals that they would like to see. Using other Virtual Reality tools such as Oculus Medium, we sculpted 3D models and then exported them to be used in the scene. We have developed a workflow that enables us to move fast with creating models in Oculus Medium and updating them directly into the scene should simple changes need to be made to colours, sizes and shapes etc.

In addition we are able to do something that is difficult to do in ‘native VR’ and that is link out to external supporting sources once the experience is over. We felt that this ability leaned directly towards creating educational materials.


Nascent were happy with the demo and are now using it to sell additional supporting material to their current clients. Through the process Studio Zero have also developed some tools and techniques that would enable the creation of these short explanation experiences much easier and with a shorter turn-around time.

Try out the demo