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Studio Zero is a creative studio based in London and we're taking our combined knowledge of 30 years building for the web and bringing all of that to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality. We work with big brands and small startups to create unique and unforgettable experiences using the power of the web. Want to combine Virtual Reality with an Artificial Intelligent chatbot running in the cloud? We can help you with that.

Virtual Reality on the Web!

Thanks to new standard APIs, we are able to build and distribute Virtual Reality experiences for the browser. For those that are not able to experience a full or part VR experience, we can fallback to rich interactive content that allows everyone to access it. We always build our WebVR projects in a progressively enhanced way.

Our VR experiences can be crafted to your needs to work on any OR all of the popular VR devices and use all of their functionality, whilst also supporting the most primitive version.

We use responsive design principles and progressive enhancement to ensure that your content is available on any device.

Snackable VR case study

Some of our work

Nascent Medical : VR MoA

A POC piece of work to look at doing a Mechanism of Action explanation for medical education.

case study

WebVR Art Gallery

A Virtual Reality Art Gallery. Walk around in this immersive exhibition

Case Study

Stranger Things Countdown

Visit the Byers home to see a Countdown to the second season of the Netflix series.

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The Last Jedi VR Poster

Part of our VR Poster collection, this one for Star Wars, The Last Jedi. Watch the trailer and more.

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Exhale VR

A breathing exercise VR experience.

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Rogue One VR Poster

Our first Virtual Reality movie poster.

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