Creating a future in the immersive web

Studio Zero is a consultancy and digital product studio based in London.

We help innovative organisations research and develop new applications, products and experiences in VR & AR on the web.

About us

We help companies get immediate business value by using Web VR to explore opportunities.

  • Create amazing experiences that amplify marketing impact.
  • Understand how VR affects consumer behaviour and get them critical early user insights.
  • Explore how VR fits into and extends existing customer journeys, to drive sales and brand engagement.
  • Adapt existing tools and workflows to include VR, to help cut time-to-decision, or enhance training knowledge retention.
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Explore new worlds

We provide a range of consultations, to help businesses and industries seize chances to stay ahead of their competitors.

VR Taster session.

VR is still a new medium, and for many in business, it's not obvious what the potential applications are. We run ½ day sessions to introduce small groups to the possibilities in VR.

Exploration days

Exploration days help companies understand how Immersive web technologies can solve real problems and add value to their business. A 1 or 2 day session to:

  • Try out the latest VR equipment
  • Get key market insights
  • Generate business-specific use-cases and prototypes.

Discovery programmes

Our Discovery programmes are designed to rapidly iterate on your initial ideas, and get them ready for development. We work with you to:

  • build business cases,
  • establish market fit
  • technical architecture
  • create high-level UX & visual design
  • make prototypes

What is Web VR?

In much the same way as you can see other rich media, such as audio, video and interactive games on a web page, Web VR is a way to enable full VR experiences in the browser.

Web VR is responsive. Meaning that content is available for every user on the web, from the Google Cardboard all the way to a full VR or MR headset. If you don't have a headset, content can still be enjoyed as 360 or 3D.

Web VR doesn't need an app store. It's VR at the end of a URL. You can share a link on social media, and your friends and followers can access it immediately. Device agnostic, and no app stores to get between you and your customers.

Web VR is part of the web. It runs on the same technology that most businesses already use to deploy websites, and most modern browsers will run Web VR experiences. As browsers develop, you can add more into the experience.

In fact, our header graphic is an embedded Web VR experience that you should try right now.

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Some of our work

Nascent Medical : VR MoA

A POC piece of work to look at doing a Mechanism of Action explanation for medical education.

case study

WebVR Art Gallery

A Virtual Reality Art Gallery. Walk around in this immersive exhibition

Case Study

Stranger Things Countdown

Visit the Byers home to see a Countdown to the second season of the Netflix series.

view project

The Last Jedi VR Poster

Part of our VR Poster collection, this one for Star Wars, The Last Jedi. Watch the trailer and more.

View Project

Exhale VR

A breathing exercise VR experience.

View Project

Rogue One VR Poster

Our first Virtual Reality movie poster.

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