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Who We Are

Shaun & Leigh have been working together for seven years, and bring a combined thirty-odd years of working in digital media, from global brand websites to niche apps.

Together they make an unique team. Working with existing teams and trusted associates they can develop high-value products, quickly and effectively.

Our Philosophy

We're upending the traditional agency model of big- bang, small impact, short shelf-life products that serve little purpose, and fail to entertain. We make products that provide actual value, feel fantastic and evolve quickly to become a core part of people's daily digital routine.

Craft is our watchword. We make products for ourselves, for startups and for big businesses. Every product teaches us something new, and we bring that experience to every product.

We are agile and lean. We make apps, games, social, retail, finance, news, desktop, video, audio, chatbots,business bots, cloudbots, wearables, hearables, cheerables, experiences, interfaces, APIs, strong,TLAs and things for the internet of things.

If it's got bits, we bake 'em. If you've got ideas, we make 'em.

Things We've Made

Diagnosing the Health of Hospitals

Working out if your hospital or trust is effective is a challenge. We helped Imperial College London and Lord Darzi create a simple-to-use health check that enables hospitals around the world to take the pulse of their staff morale, and gauge institutional effectiveness with a short online survey.

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Banking in branch

An agile project to create an MVP for big 4 bank presents many challenges. Yet, in four months we helped a team at RBS go from Zero to Hero to create a new account opening app, that cut the time it takes to get an account open from 90 minutes to 10.

Winter is coming...

...and now there's a simple way to know when it will arrive. Our Pebble wearable app lets you keep track of the days until the new series of Game of Thrones arrives on HBO. Includes Night's watch oath for you to memorise until the white walkers come...

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We need to talk

Retalk is a curated index of technical conference talks from all over the world. Searchable by subject, speaker, and conference it puts hundreds of video resources at your fingertips. Our own MVP makes the most of cloud services and iterative learning.

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Art Rules

Sometimes it's necessary to challenge the rules, and Shaun helped build the Art Rules site. It was a social network experiment built for ICA members and guests to engage in the discussion about the 'rules of art'. An unique 'bubble' interface surfaced quotes as the jumping in point for those discussions.

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